Image intensifiers were originally developed for night vision, however, it did not take long for the scientific community to realize their utility for a wide variety of scientific research applications.

Video Scope International was founded to address that demand.  Our first product is a lens-coupled image intensifier assembly.  This allowed scientists to image low light level events with their regular CCD cameras on their microscopes (microscopy). 

To intensify cameras so they can detect low light level events is an obvious choice.  In addition, by choosing  photocathodes with UV or NIR responses, visible cameras can be intensified to image in the UV or NIR regions. 

Most of our new products and/or features are customer inspired.  Our design and technique improved over the years as the cumulative result of technical breakthroughs and iterative improvements.  While not as apparent as major breakthroughs, the growing benefits of iterative improvements continuously help us to adress application requirements more effectively.

Some major technical milestones:

  • Fiber-optically coupled intensified cameras with no image distortion nor fixed pattern noise
  • Intensified Cooled CCD Camera
  • Intensified Cooled Integrating CCD Camera
  • Fully automatic intensified camera
  • Ruggedized Intensified Camera for Space Flight Operation
  • Intensified Camera operating in Vacuum
  • 3ns Gated Intensified Cameras used in Stereo (3D) Vision
  • Split-frame Intensified Camera
  • Intensified High Speed Camera
  • Intensified 1 Million FPS High Speed Camera