The Ultracam7 is a top of the line intensified high speed camera for high speed and low light level imaging. VSI offers base level cameras off-the-shelf as well as customized versions to meet specific needs.

Tech Specs

  • 1280×800 full format
  • Low Light Level imaging starting at 7,530 FPS
  • 25mm Intensifiers
  • Response from 300 to 900nm
  • Optional UV Response: 200 to 700nm
  • Fast exposure (minimum gate) time as short as 50 ns
  • Optional exposure (minimum gate) time as short as 3 ns
  • No need for external light source
  • Save as Cine file or individual images
  • Computer control of all functions
  • Entry level/point and shoot models available
  • Popular Photocathode Selections

Some Applications

  • Flow Visualization
  • Partial Imaging Velocimetry
  • Combustion Research
  • Explosive Studies
  • Plasma Research
  • Time Resolved Imaging