Video Scope International, Ltd. (VSI) makes both (fiber-optically coupled) intensified cameras and (lens-coupled) image intensifier assemblies for high speed imaging applications.

The most obvious utility of image intensifiers is allowing a high frame-rate camera image in low light levels. In addition, image intensifiers can be gated to shorten the exposure time and reduce motion blur. Alternately, an image intensifier can be gated on multiple times within a single camera frame allowing precise trajectory tracking and velocity measurements.

With a wide selection of photocathode types, image intensifiers optimize the spectral response of the intensified (high speed) camera. For example, solar blind or UV photocathodes allow cameras to image in the UV.

Popular Photocathode Selections

Our hands-on experience with custom scientific imaging applications is unmatched in the industry. All of our standard products are built to order and we continuously improve their design flexibility to allow more “as-built” customizations. This approach provides the user the performance of an instrument optimized for a specific application at a cost comparable to an off-the-shelf produc


(Fiber-optically coupled) Intensified High Speed Camera

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(Lens-coupled) High Speed Image Intensifier Assembly

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Application Videos

Shown here is a compilation of various high speed imaging application videos using intensified high speed cameras. 

These videos are captured by either an intensified (fiber-optically coupled) high speed camera or a high speed camera with a (lens-coupled) intensifier.