Our experience with custom applications for advanced imaging is unmatched in the industry. Customers speak directly with an engineer who not only understands the challenges of specialized imaging, but also has insight into innovative technologies that meet those challenges.

With our exclusive design and manufacturing capabilities, each of our off-the-shelf products can be customized to meet the needs of the most demanding requirements. Our products offer the highest resolution and sensitivity available through careful management and design of the components used in their manufacturing. The result is a camera solution that truly meets our customers’ exacting needs.


Intensified High Speed Camera
Sample Intensified High Speed Camera (Phantom v311, Vision Research, Inc.)



A brief history of our company.

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An explanation of image intensifiers and their uses in our products.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our products are developed and manufacured in the United States and some are sold internationally. Export restrictions vary by region. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we will be happy to advise which of our products or services are available for export.
Our standard (off-the-shelf) products are listed on our website under Products. VSI custom products and services are too vast to list. Please contact us for details.
Please contact us for current pricing information. Our standard, off-the-shelf products are built to order and designed to be flexible. We can enhance the product to fit your specific application without a high price tag.
Yes, we work with resellers to offer a limited scope of our products and services. Due to the specialized and often customized nature of our imaging products, we may require direct contact with the end user, as coordinated with the reseller.
Our top priority is to meet the requirements of our customers' specific applications. The mandate to match an existing spec deprives us of the discovery process to review the application with the user, which adds undue risk.