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Video Scope International, Ltd. (VSI) is a leading innovator and manufacturer of built-to-order imaging equipment using image intensifiers for scientific, industrial, and military markets.

Our team of engineers works in partnership with customer teams and resources to understand unique challenges and desired outcomes. We offer wide-ranging hands-on experience and insight into state-of-the-art and emerging technologies, as well as industry best practices.


















Company history

From the deep ocean to outer reaches of space, our instruments make the visualization and measurement of challenging targets possible.
It all started with ideas on a napkin (we still have it). Our founder had a successful microscope dealership but launched Video Scope International, Ltd. (VSI) in 1982 to solve a problem that persistently frustrated customers: cameras could not record live cell events without external illumination and quite often that illumination overpowered the event itself or harmed the cells. The solution required low light level sensitivity so VSI pioneered the use of image intensifiers, which were developed for night vision, for use in scientific low light level imaging applications.

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Image intensifiers were originally developed for night vision, however, it did not take long for the scientific community to realize their utility for a wide variety of scientific research applications.

Video Scope International, Ltd. (VSI) was founded to make lens-coupled image intensifier assemblies.  This allowed scientists to image low light level events with their regular CCD cameras on their microscopes (microscopy). 


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low light level imaging

We offer both image intensifier assemblies (lens-coupled image intensifiers) and intensified cameras for low light level imaging applications.

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high speed imaging

We offer both image intensifier assemblies (lens-coupled image intensifiers) and intensified high speed cameras for varous high speed imaging applications. 

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OEM / custom design services

We offer engineering design, consultation and prototyping services for customers with OEM and/or custom design requirements.

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Our Vision

Utilize our accrued hands-on experiences to provide the best performing turnkey imaging solutions with innovative design and expert manufacturing.


our mission

To design, build and deliver the most innovative, reliable and cost effective imaging solutions that best fit the exacting and challenging requirements of scientific research projects.