From the deep ocean to outer reaches of space, our instruments make the visualization and measurement of challenging targets possible.

It all started with ideas on a napkin (we still have it). Our founder had a successful microscope dealership but launched Video Scope International, Ltd. (VSI) in 1982 to solve a problem that persistently frustrated customers: cameras could not record live cell events without external illumination and quite often that illumination overpowered the event itself or harmed the cells. The solution required low light level sensitivity so VSI pioneered the use of image intensifiers, which were developed for night vision, for use in scientific low light level imaging applications.

By the early 1990s, we had developed multiple generations of image intensified products and we continued to add customized features to meet more diverse applications. When digital imaging revolutionized the industry, all of our instruments were already fully integrated with computer control. We also integrated our products for use with an increasing number of camera manufacturers.

In 2003, we introduced a line of products to address the emerging high speed (>1000 fps) imaging market. Prior to these modern high speed cameras, image intensifiers were used in high speed, short exposure imaging. Our prior experience with 3ns gated imaging allowed us to understand the special techniques relevant to high speed imaging, and we were able to integrate the superior quality of modern high speed cameras with our high brightness intensifier design.  Since then, we have continuously added innovative features to all of our products to satisfy an ever-growing variety of applications.